The release of Android 15 is only a few months away, and we are beginning to get a sense of what new features we can expect. You’ll like this potential feature if you’re someone who likes to keep their location private. You may be able to block your carrier from knowing your location with Android 15.

Keeping sensitive information from being accessed by companies is extremely difficult. There are several ways to avoid companies accessing your location, one of the worst bits of information they can get. It is not possible to guarantee that your location will be preserved 100% of the time.

If you wish, you can disable your location app-by-app or across your entire phone. However, this does not mean that your carrier cannot track your location. Even if you’ve disabled everything, your carrier can still track your location.

Users never learn about something when they purchase a device. Using software to restrict an app’s access to your data is called software-based restriction. Your carrier may, however, be able to track your location by tapping the signal radio on your phone. Therefore, the only way to solve this problem is to break your phone with a bat.

Android 15 may be able to block your carrier from accessing your location, according to code found in an Android. During emergencies, you might want your carrier to access your location. Most users are uneasy knowing that their information can be shared without their knowledge or control. With Android 15, we can look forward to this great feature.