As a result of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple just released iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4. Sideloading is also included, but only within the EU.

Users in the EU can now install apps from alternative app marketplaces, install web browsers with alternative browser engines, set up their default web browser when they open Safari for the first time, use alternative payment options in the app store with the external purchases badge, and some of these options will require developer assistance.

For Europeans, these changes are pretty significant, especially the sideloading and web browser changes. It was previously possible to use the iPhone’s web browser with a wrapper over Safari. Safari is the only browser engine that can be used for all applications. However, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge are now permitted to use their engines, but only within the EU. Many app marketplaces in the European Union are preparing for the introduction of sideloading, which is now available to everyone.

There are a ton of new emojis in this update, including mushrooms, phoenixes, limes, broken chains, and shaking heads. In addition, 18 people can be faced in either direction with body emojis.

The Apple Podcasts service has undergone some significant changes. Transcripts are the first to be discussed. You can now follow an episode in English, Spanish, French, or German with highlighted text synchronized with the audio. With accessibility features, you can read the Episode text in full, search for a word, play from a specific point, or search for a phrase.

Every iPhone and iPad that supports iOS 17 can now download the update. On the iPhone 15 Pro, it’s quite a significant update, weighing in at about 1.71GB.