According to Apple’s new patent, they can increase battery capacity without increasing battery size. Recent Android devices offer fast-charging technologies and high battery capacities, often exceeding 5000 mAh. The batteries in Apple’s phones now have a larger capacity as well.

With Apple’s new patent, titled “Battery cells with tabs at right angles,” the capacity of new batteries can be increased without enlarging the battery size. On March 26, 2024, this patent was published. The patent was filed in September 2021 for the first time. In order to improve battery life, Apple has been researching membranes and foldable battery components.

According to Apple’s new patent, future iPhones could have a battery connector that’s different from that we’re familiar with. The location of the tabs in the battery is related to achieving a high-capacity battery. The following is Apple’s explanation:

A connector set may include tabs extending from a surface in a first direction, whereas another set may have tabs extending from a surface substantially perpendicular to the first direction. The battery’s efficiency can also be improved by reducing resistance across the cell, which may improve space constraints as well as resistance across the cell.”

It’s not easy to integrate the new battery tech into the iPhone 16 series, since Apple just released this patent. It is possible, however, that iPhones with large batteries are not too far away if Apple follows through with its plans. According to the Mac Observer, the new battery may also be available in the iPhone 16 series.