Xiaomi is gearing up to launch its Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone in China and across the globe. It is expected that Xiaomi will launch its 14 Series on February 25 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), and the Ultra could also be unveiled at the same event. In a recent report, we acquired the official-looking High-Resolution renders of the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone.

Based on the High-Res renders obtained by MySmartPrice, Xiaomi will release the Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone in Black, White, or Silver colors. In comparison with its predecessor, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the main visible change will be the addition of a slight bump to the camera module.

Besides the standard black and gold bezel, the camera module will be surrounded by a silver bezel as well. Leica’s branding will be positioned similarly to its predecessor as will the camera sensors and LED flash.

The power button and volume rockers will be placed on the right side of the device. A textured finish will be applied to the power button of the smartphone to improve its grip and feel. On the sides of the smartphone, antenna markings will be placed.

The bottom portion houses the speaker grille, USB Type C port, and primary microphone. As compared to the Xiaomi 13 Ultra smartphone, the speaker grille and primary microphone will be reversed on the forthcoming device.

According to the High-Res renders, the top portion will only house the secondary speaker grille. On the renders, the secondary microphones and IR blaster are missing. In any case, Xiaomi will probably not debut the smartphone without an IR blaster.

Only the antenna markings will be visible on the left side of the smartphone. Both shades of the smartphone will use leatherette material, and the black colourway will have a textured finish.

On the left side of the smartphone’s rear panel, you will find the Xiaomi logo. Official renders don’t show us what the phone’s frontal design looks like.