A cheaper foldable smartphone from Samsung has been rumored for months. Last week, we heard repeatedly that the Koreans are working on a cheaper model with a horizontally folding display. We now have information that confirms this.

Online databases about the import and export of products in international trade frequently include references to Samsung’s sixth-generation foldable smartphones since at least August 2023. “Q6” and “B6” are internal code names for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, respectively. The previous models were called Q5 and B5.

For months, Samsung has been having its Southeast Asian suppliers produce smaller quantities of certain components for both models, presumably to build prototypes. Aside from the two “standard models” of Samsung’s foldable product series, there has also been an internal model number called “Q6A” in the databases since November 2023.

Although only a small number of individual components will be produced, the decision to introduce a second “Galaxy Fold” appears to have already been made. As of now, we don’t know how the cheaper model will differ from the normal Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.

If the developers weren’t interested in the Galaxy Z Fold 6, they wouldn’t have used a similar name internally. “Q6A” illustrates the technical proximity to the Galaxy Z Fold 6. “Q6A” components were being produced almost simultaneously with the first parts for the regular “Q6” which could indicate an introduction that occurred at the same time or slightly later.

It is difficult to speculate about the third foldable based on the codename. Samsung might actually be planning an upper mid-range Galaxy A Fold. There may also be a “Fan Edition,” but these are just ideas for now.