Following the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung fans are looking forward to the next-generation foldable devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold6 and the Galaxy Z Flip6. The Fold6 is rumored to have a revamped design with a different aspect ratio. Moreover, the Flip6 will have a larger battery than the Flip5. According to a tipster, the Fold 6 could borrow one feature from the top-tier Galaxy S24 Ultra.

According to @Tech_Reve, the company may use the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 200MP primary sensor on the Fold6. The phone’s form factor has changed in recent leaks. The company can manage a larger battery or camera sensor because the phone must undergo some internal changes to reach the design.

According to @Tech_Reve on X, the Fold6 will have the same camera sensor as the S24 Ultra rather than a smaller battery. It looks like the tipster meant “increasing the battery capacity.” However, will the 200MP camera be beneficial to the Galaxy Z Fold6?

While the 200MP primary sensor on the Fold6 seems like a significant upgrade over the 50MP primary sensor on the Fold5. Images with a higher resolution may be more detailed and sharp. Despite this, a review by Android Authority suggests that the S24 Ultra struggles to capture moving subjects, including humans and pets.