A recent major change, such as the renaming of NokiaMobile accounts to HMD, caused some to question Nokia’s legacy. As a result, HMD Global focuses on establishing the HMD brand as a new force in the smartphone industry.

In 2024, the GSMChina team predicts the launch of 17 new Nokia phones based on reliable information. Nokia and HMD have an official agreement that runs until 2026, ensuring that the iconic Nokia brand will continue to be a part of the mobile market for decades to come.

Even though the IMEI Database does not reveal the detailed specifications of these devices, the confirmed existence of these 17 models has increased anticipation among Nokia fans. There are a variety of options available, ranging from TA-1603 to TA-1628. The release dates of these devices remain unclear, but some could debut at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, where they are currently in testing.

  • TA-1603
  • TA-1607
  • TA-1609
  • TA-1610
  • TA-1611
  • TA-1612
  • TA-1613
  • TA-1614
  • TA-1615
  • TA-1616
  • TA-1617
  • TA-1618
  • TA-1619
  • TA-1621
  • TA-1622
  • TA-1625
  • TA-1628

The industry is eager to learn more about Nokia’s new devices now that they are being tested. Despite the lack of details, one thing is certain: Nokia is still alive and kicking.

It will be interesting to see if the frequency of new product announcements continues beyond 2026. Nokia may announce products less frequently while maintaining its presence in the market, allowing HMD Global Oy to establish the HMD brand as a pioneer in the competitive smartphone market.