As part of a move for durability, Motorola announced today that starting later this year, all of its smartphones will use Corning Gorilla Glass. They’re adding scratch and drop resistance to even their most budget-friendly phones, a welcome change for anyone who’s ever cracked a screen.

On high-end phones, Gorilla Glass is already pretty common, but it’s not always the case for cheaper models. To ensure that even their most affordable devices don’t feel fragile, Motorola decided to change things up. At a recent event, they showcased Gorilla Glass 5 and the newer, tougher Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

Clumsy phone users aren’t the only ones who will benefit from this (we’ve all been there). Motorola is also serious about making quality devices affordable to all, not just the wealthy. This could also give them a competitive edge in the highly competitive smartphone market.

Aside from Gorilla Glass, Motorola also announced Smart Connect at MWC. You can use the keyboard on both Motorola and Lenovo devices, share notifications and clipboard content, and even use your phone or tablet as a webcam or hotspot with this nifty tool. Smart Connect will be available in the coming months. Look out for Motorola’s upcoming phones if you’re looking for a tough phone at an affordable price.