Vivo and Oppo launched foldable smartphones in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Even though Vivo’s foldable phones are confined to the Chinese market, both brands have been steadily launching new foldable phones. South Korean publication reports that both brands have withdrawn from the foldable market. OnePlus may not release a new foldable phone if this news is accurate. Huawei is reportedly working on a tri-foldable phone, while Samsung is working on a rollable display phone.

Neither Oppo nor Vivo have officially announced their intention to exit the foldable phone market. For more information on how the situation unfolds, you should wait for further reports. Oppo and Vivo’s exit from the foldable market may be the result of a significant decline in their market share.

As one of the early pioneers of foldable phones, Huawei is reportedly developing a Z-shaped tri-foldable tablet PC. Huawei hopes to sell over 130 million units of this device each year, offering a screen space of 10 inches when unfolded.

Apple’s iPad currently holds a 40 percent market share in the tablet PC market, while Samsung’s Galaxy Tab holds a 19 percent share. Apple and Samsung are reportedly developing foldable products in response to Huawei’s developments.

According to reports, Samsung is working on a tri-foldable phone like Huawei’s, as well as a rollable display phone. The production of Apple’s first horizontally foldable phone is expected to begin in 2026.