With smartphones, teasing has been taken over by companies themselves, not by bloggers and journalists. An image of HMD’s first phone has just been teased, which takes repairability to a new level. Two HMD devices were pixelated in the image we all saw at the announcement of HMD’s brand.

We now have our first official teasers for HMD’s self-branded smartphones, which will launch later this year in July. According to HMD, its goal for 2024 is to expand its repairable device portfolio by focusing on sustainability and easy screen replacements.

In addition to the obvious HMD logo, the two images confirm that the phones will come in black and pink. There is a satin-like finish on the latter, and we can see its camera island. Nokiamob suggests this device may be called Fusion or Legend and will feature a 108MP main camera. HMD has not yet provided any specs.

Although the back is made of polycarbonate plastic, the sides appear to be made of polished aluminum. This device has a rectangular shape, but its corners appear to be rounded, so ergonomics should be fine. The edges should not be sharpened by Raun Forsyth.

Currently, we do not have any other information, but we hope HMD will share more details soon.