We caught a glimpse of Google’s upcoming Pixel Fold 2 a while back, and it looked rather weird. The back of the phone had no camera visor anymore, but rather two oval-shaped areas stacked on top of each other, housing the cameras.

There was just an unfinished look to it as if it were a prototype. Today, CAD-based renders of the Pixel Fold 2 have been leaked, and the phone looks exactly like the one in that hands-on shot from earlier this month.


There is no visor anymore, but instead, there is the ugliest camera island/protrusion in the history of mobile phones. Neither its shape, nor its proportions, nor its placement are nice. The upcoming foldable smartphone is shown here in Charcoal color, moving on from that.

Unlike the original Pixel Fold, the Pixel Fold has an under-display selfie camera in the top right corner. There is a centered hole-punch for a selfie camera on the outer screen, which measures 6.4″ in size (or 6.6″ if you incorporate the corners).

The inner screen measures 7.9″ diagonally without the corners taken into account – with them, it’s 8.1″. The phone measures 155.2 x 150.2 x 5.27 mm when unfolded, which means it’s much squarer than its predecessor. There is also a marginal difference in thickness, which can only be a good thing. It’s even thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold6 when folded, with dimensions of 155.2 x 77.1 x 10.54 mm.

Power and volume buttons reside on the right, while the speaker grille, USB-C port, and SIM tray are all located on the lower frame. There is a secondary speaker grille on top, along with an antenna line.

The Pixel Fold 2 might utilize the Tensor G4 chipset, which could delay its launch to October along with the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. Google is expected to offer 16GB of RAM and UFS 4.0 storage, a record for the company.