TM Roh, Samsung’s mobile chief, recently discussed Galaxy AI, the company’s latest suite of AI features that debuted with the Galaxy S24 series. The big question remains – what happens after Galaxy AI is free until 2025?

It is currently available on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, which has invested heavily in Galaxy AI. It’s free until 2025, but Roh admitted they haven’t yet decided what the future holds. It is possible, however, to introduce more advanced AI features for subscribers who pay.

We found that there are different needs for mobile AI, Roh said. “There will be consumers who are satisfied with using AI capabilities for free. In addition, customers may wish for even more powerful AI capabilities and even pay for them. The future decision-making process will take all these factors into account.”

The paid model isn’t updated yet since the free period is still over a year away. It was previously kept under wraps by Samsung when asked about it by Android Authority.

Samsung remains optimistic about Galaxy AI’s future. By 2024, they hope to have over 100 million devices using the technology. There are older flagship phones like the Galaxy S23 series, as well as upcoming foldable phones like the Z Fold 6 and Flip 6.

Despite Galaxy AI’s uncertain future beyond 2025, Samsung is clearly betting on its potential. Only time will tell if it stays free or evolves into a paid service.