As we near Samsung’s Galaxy S24 launch event, juicy details about the new phones keep emerging. A Twitter user named @MysteryLupin shared what appears to be marketing material showcasing key AI features of the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Live Translate is one of the AI features coming to the Galaxy S24 series. According to its description, it can translate phone calls in real-time, potentially breaking down language barriers.

“Generative Edit” sounds suspiciously like Google’s Magic Editor tool, another interesting tidbit. Just like Google’s offering, this feature will allow you to remove unwanted objects from your photos.

As with Magic Editor, it requires an internet connection and a Samsung account. Although Samsung uses the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which has on-device AI capabilities, it still relies on the cloud.

There are three more features related to smartphones mentioned as well. Zooming in on low-light photos with Nightography Zoom is said to enhance them.

By selecting High Resolution, you will be able to take photos using the phone’s primary camera’s highest resolution. For Galaxy S24, that will be 50MP, and for Galaxy S24 Ultra, it will be 200MP. Screen Display features a “brighter, flatter screen” for better viewing and interaction. The user experience won’t be enhanced by AI trickery of any sort, however.