In the Philippines, Realme recently introduced its entry-level offering, the Realme Note 50. In the coming days, the smartphone is expected to be released in some Asian markets, including Indonesia. Realme plans to launch two more Note smartphones this year, according to a new report.

The company plans to introduce two Note-branded phones in the coming months, according to Realme Europe CEO and Global Marketing Director Francis Wong. The company has not confirmed the existence of a phone called Realme Note 1. Realme Note phones will be priced lower than other Note-branded smartphones from other smartphone brands with a price of around $100.

The Note series will be available in Asian markets, but not in India. Realme already has a sub-brand named Narzo that sells mid-range and entry-level products on Amazon. Flipkart in India sells all Realme phones other than Narzo brands.

Realme hopes to sell 10 million Note-series smartphones in other markets by 2024. According to the company, it aims to offer better design and quality materials than its competitors. As part of its commitment to improving the Note series user experience, the company will also focus on other aspects, such as quality control and after-sales. For Note users, the brand will also offer longer warranties and more updates.