India’s 5G rollout has been led by Jio and Airtel. There are currently no extra charges associated with both operators’ 5G cellular plans. To increase 5G adoption in the country, the companies have been doing this.

The free run of unlimited 5G may soon end. According to the Economic Times, Jio and Airtel plan to offer 5G plans that will cost 5-10% more than regular 4G plans.

India has experienced the fastest 5G rollout globally, reaching 100 million users in just one year. Airtel and Jio have not yet started monetizing the new service. In most regular plans, both telecom giants offer 5G for free.

According to ET’s report with industry experts, Jio and Airtel will launch their 5G cellular plans in the second half of 2024. By increasing the average revenue per user (ARPU), both companies will be able to recoup their investment. The cost of 5G plans could be up to 10% higher than those of existing plans.

Furthermore, 4G plans generally offer 1.5GB to 3GB of data per day, so these plans are expected to offer 30% more data. According to estimates, 5G will increase data consumption significantly due to its faster speeds and higher bandwidth. Jio and Airtel now have an understanding of the changing usage patterns of their customers as both companies have been offering 5G data for almost a year. By comparing their 5G plans to 4G plans, they will be able to determine how much more daily data they should include in their 5G plans.

In 2024, ET reports that existing 4G plans may also be increased. The introduction of separate 5G plans could coincide with a revision in 4G rates since Indian telecom operators haven’t raised rates for almost two years now.