We saw Geekbench run from the Galaxy A55’s SoC last week, but it wasn’t on the Galaxy A55 – it was on a test platform. As of today, Samsung’s  Galaxy A55 prototype has also made it onto Geekbench, confirming the interesting GPU choice it’s made.

There is widespread speculation that the A55’s chipset will be marketed as Exynos 1480, following in the footsteps of the 1380 in the A54 and the 1280 in the A53. However, unlike those, the new one will use AMD’s RDNA2-based Xclipse 530 GPU instead of a Mali GPU.

Raytracing could theoretically be offered in games as well. Do not get your hopes up too high, however, as it does not necessarily mean it will. However, this is likely to be a beefier GPU than what the A5x line has gotten so far. There is some improvement compared to the Exynos 1380 on the CPU side, but it isn’t impressive – the A55 managed a single-core score of 1,127 and a multi-core score of 3,090, while the A54 scored about 1,108 and 2,797.

Therefore, it’s best to postpone your hopes for Samsung’s best-selling A55 for at least another year if you had hoped the A55 would finally punch above its weight in CPU performance.

Geekbench was run on a prototype with 8GB of RAM, the maximum amount of RAM the A54 could handle.