The latest One UI 6.0 Android 14 update is being rolled out as early as possible to supported devices, but at the same time, Samsung is working on the next important update, One UI 6.1. There is no clear release date for the same, but a fresh leak provides some insight. One UI 6.1 will focus heavily on AI-powered features, according to the tipster. Wallpapers, photos, notes, and many other commonly used features will be subject to these changes.

AI features on One UI 6.1:

One UI 6.1 AI-powered feature was detailed in a thread published by X user @BennettBuhner, along with alleged screenshots. Like Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung will bring AI-generated wallpapers to Galaxy devices. Based on screenshots, different prompt categories can be used to generate wallpapers.

It shows a hazy image of lavender plants against a red space galaxy backdrop. There is also a Surprise Me button that generates a random wallpaper every time you click it. The lock screen will also feature weather and portrait effects from Samsung. The options include sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, and evening.

AI features will also be included in Photos Editor. It is reported that One UI 6.1 allows users to move objects within scenes. AI can also extend a photo beyond its borders and fill the extended area according to the original photo. By touching and holding the objects in the photo, they can be moved around.

Even after you have finished editing, you can revert changes in Photos. To undo any edits, users must reset the photo to its original state. It will be possible to move, re-edit, or remove any drawings or decorations added to the photo with One UI 6.1.

AI will help Samsung Notes organize notes. Your notes will be converted into an easy-to-read and understandable format using this app. As part of One UI 6.1, audio and video are now isolated in louder environments, subjects can be moved from one image to the next, and battery life has been improved.

AI-powered live translation has already been confirmed by Samsung. Samsung’s native caller app will feature AI Live Translate Call powered by Galaxy AI. In order to maintain user privacy, the translation is said to take place on the device.