A month earlier than expected, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will debut in January 2024, which may be meant to better compete with other flagships. Three models will be available: Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. New details about the Galaxy S24 Ultra have been revealed by X user Alvin ahead of the launch. It’s interesting to note that Ice Universe reposted this post (retweeted), so the information does have some validity.

According to Alvin, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera processing is more realistic than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Sharpening and saturation will be better controlled by the company. The final software may change this, he says.

The biggest upgrade this year will be AI, as rumored earlier. It is expected that the phone will have on-device generative AI, which could be called Galaxy AI. The phone will be able to compose emails and translate messages with the technology.

It has been reported that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s frame will be made of titanium, as with the iPhone 15 Pro. This leak claims the Titanium Grey iPhone 15 Pro looks better than the Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is said to be comfortable to hold, despite its flat edges.

Camera features:

Even though 12MP sensors were dropped years ago, most smartphones still default to 12MP resolution for their photos. Today’s 12MP output is due to pixel binning, so they could target another resolution instead – for example, Apple’s iPhone 15 models have 48MP main sensors but 24MP output.

According to leaker Ahmed Qwaider, Samsung may do the same. The outgoing Galaxy S23 Ultra defaults to 12MP photos, but the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will output 24MP photos. Additionally, the S23 Ultra has 50MP and 200MP options, but these are less commonly used.

Compared to 12MP, 24MP offers more detail without ballooning file sizes like 50MP and especially 200MP. There will be a Photo Remaster feature on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the leakster says. The Galaxy Book4 laptops offer quick and easy photo touch-ups using the new AI hardware. It sounds like it will be a one-tap solution – pick an image and choose Portrait, Remaster, or Delete.

ND Filter is another feature mentioned. This isn’t an actual Neutral Density filter, but a post-processing simulation that runs on RAW images instead. In Expert RAW, that feature is already available, although it is still under the “Expert RAW Labs” section.