The Galaxy S24 series is expected to be unveiled at Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event in January. Over the past few weeks, we have heard a lot about these smartphones.

In addition to the Galaxy S24, there will also be a Galaxy S24 Plus and a Galaxy S24 Ultra. The design will be similar to their predecessors, but the specs will be updated.

Recently, a tipster revealed that the phones would get a RAM and display upgrade. According to the same source, the amount of RAM will not be significant.

The Ice Universe revealed a few weeks ago that the Galaxy S24 vanilla and plus models would come with 12GB RAM. The base variants of these handsets will still have 8GB of RAM, he says today.

Additionally, he reveals that neither of these devices nor the top-end Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with 16GB RAM. In comparison, all leading Chinese brands offer 12GB RAM as a bare minimum on their flagship devices. The top-tier models now come with 24GB of RAM.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S24 series will be positioned as ‘AI phones’. On mobile devices, 8GB of RAM is not enough to run AI models efficiently.

Galaxy S24 might feature a new LLW DRAM:

In January, Samsung announced this new DRAM technology and then reiterated it in October alongside the release of LPDDR5X CAMM2. Nonetheless, Samsung Semiconductor is teasing a new LLW DRAM technology, which may be used in the Galaxy S24. Compared to standard LPDDR, this new technology is said to be more efficient at processing real-time data.

While Samsung shows a smartphone in the video, they don’t mention the timing of the launch or progress of this new technology. As for the upcoming flagship Galaxy S24 series, which is scheduled to launch in January next year, it is basically ready at this point.

Furthermore, as shown in the video, the LLW module is right next to the SoC. It will therefore be necessary for the SoC to include this. For the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung returned to its dual-platform strategy. To fabricate the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with this module inside, they will need to work with TSMC. It is unlikely that all of it will be accomplished under the hood or within the remaining timeframe. To experience LLW DRAM technology, users may have to wait until at least the Galaxy S25 series.