One of the best Android smartphone experiences can be found on the Google Pixel. The Pixel experience offers several exclusive features. Currently, it appears that Google’s next-generation Pixel phones will also come with an AI assistant called Pixie.

Google Assistant already exists as a smart and capable AI voice assistant. However, it is universally accessible across all Android smartphones and other devices. Despite AI’s recent boom, it seems that the Search Engine giant is planning something more advanced. An AI assistant called Pixie is reportedly under development, but Google Assistant with Bard for Android and iOS was just announced. Pixel devices will be the only ones with this assistant.

Google’s plans regarding Pixie and its developments have been revealed by multiple sources, according to The Information. It is believed that this AI assistant will be a Pixel 9 exclusive feature that may debut in 2024. The new Assistant will likely be able to do what Google Assistant can but with new advancements. A more complex task could be performed by the assistant as a result.

As outlined in the report, Pixie could even suggest the closest store where one can purchase the product they have photographed. The process seems quite simple on paper, but it is quite complex in reality. The offline functionality of Pixie could also be a major difference between Google Assistant and Pixie. The latter is capable of handling user requests on-device, which eliminates the need for internet connectivity.

Gemini Nano may also power this upcoming assistant. The Pixie moniker has yet to be confirmed. It might just be a codename before its official name is revealed.