Apple’s iPhone 16 series is still years away, but a new MacRumors article reveals some key details about the vanilla design. We now have a trio of pre-production design renders highlighting the possible changes to Apple’s upcoming baseline iPhone, known internally as “DeLorean“. In the first design, dual camera lenses are housed in a vertical pill housing inspired by the iPhone X.

Unlike every iPhone since 2010, the iPhone 16 prototype rendered in yellow also has a unified volume rocker button instead of two separate buttons. Additionally, all three devices feature capacitive Action Buttons above the volume rocker, with the black model having a visually larger button. A metal ring surrounds each lens in the other two renders shown in pink and black.

Below the power button on the black model is a capacitive Capture Button. It is rumored that the new button will be called “Project Nova” inside Apple headquarters and will provide force touch feedback along with serving as a shutter button for the camera. All iPhone 16 models are expected to feature the Action Button.