With the launch of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro in 2024, Apple is reportedly planning to simplify its iPad lineup. As of right now, the company sells iPad Minis, iPads 9th- and 10th-generations, iPad Airs, and iPad Pros. It is difficult for buyers to decide which of these iPads they should purchase since some of them have almost no differences. As Mark Gurman claims, Apple will launch the iPad Air and Pro with significant differences, while discontinuing the older regular iPad to completely phase out Touch ID and some older Apple Pencil models.

Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook Air powered by an M3 processor around March 2024, according to Mark Gurman. Apple tipster also claimed that the iPad Air and iPad Pro will be refreshed around the same time. Gurman now claims the iPad lineup will be simplified with the new launches so buyers can buy the right iPad for their needs.

There has been much discussion about Apple’s ladder strategy for pricing, in which there are barely any differences between the top-end variant of a cheaper model and the base variant of a more expensive model. However, this has resulted in a cluttered iPad lineup, unlike the iPhones and MacBooks which have a clear difference between regular and pro models.

Major differences between iPad Air & Pro:

Next year, Apple will declutter the iPad lineup by discontinuing the older 9th-generation iPad. As a result, Apple will be able to get rid of the home button and older Apple pencil models. Apple will also introduce two screen sizes in iPad Air for the first time –  10.9-inch and 12.9-inch. It appears that iPad Air display panels for the 12.9-inch model have already begun shipping. Therefore, those who want a larger display don’t have to stretch their budget and buy an iPad Pro or compromise and buy an iPad Air.

On the other hand, the iPad Pro will have a larger display panel with an 11-inch and 13-inch screen. There will be no significant difference between the iPad Air and Pro models based on this, however. Besides having a more powerful M3 processor, an updated design, an OLED display panel, and an updated Magic Keyboard attachment, the latter will also have an update to the design. The iPad Pro will receive the latest Magic Keyboard, but not the iPad Air. It serves to distinguish the Pro model from the Air model and better suit the Pro moniker.