Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy smartphones from Samsung have lagged behind their competitors when it comes to charging speed, with its current flagship series only supporting up to 45W fast charging. New hope exists, however, that the company will finally upgrade its charging speeds.

Revegnus on Twitter reported that Atum, Samsung’s exclusive supplier of flat transformers for 45W chargers, now offers 65W and 140W chargers as well. There is no confirmation that these chargers are for Samsung devices, but it is certainly possible.

Since Samsung has already been rumored to be developing a 65W charger, this is especially true. Samsung also makes laptops, so the 140W charger could be for them.

Galaxy S20 Ultra was the first Galaxy smartphone to support 45W charging in 2020. Since then, the company has not upgraded its charging speed. The Galaxy S22 and S23 only support 25W charging.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series rumors previously suggested 65W charging. Samsung appears not to be upgrading its charging standard this time around.

Samsung’s supplier is working on 65W charging for the Galaxy S24 series, so perhaps the company is planning to upgrade its charging speed in the future.