As always, OnePlus has been playing with textures on its phones’ rears, and it looks like the OnePlus 12 will be no different. Digital Chat Station, one of the most prolific sources, reports that the upcoming flagship will come with a wood texture back.

There may be a wood texture case, machine translation is ambiguous, and the picture doesn’t help either. There’s also the question of whether it will be real wood or just plastic or glass (or another material) that mimics wood textures.

For its first smartphone, the OnePlus One, OnePlus has offered wood texture removable backs and cases in the past. With the OnePlus 12, we presume the move to wood is meant as a nod to the company’s first model.

OnePlus is more likely to offer a wood texture case because the picture doesn’t help much with the confusion. It would be easier to make than apply such a texture to the phone’s back, but – we’ve seen things in the mobile world, so let’s wait and see.

OnePlus 12 will be unveiled on December 4 for the Chinese market and in January for the international market.

Color Variant revealed:

The OnePlus 12 will come in three colors: White, Green, and Black. White stands for blank space, green for a pale rock among thousands of rivers and mountains. Lastly the black stands for ten years of hard work, a nod to the company’s tenth anniversary.

On December 4, the OnePlus 12 will launch in the Chinese market with these colors. It’s not clear if the global variant of the phone will offer the same options.