In 2018, Google introduced the Titan Security Key to protect against phishing attacks. Regardless, Google Accounts now supports passkeys, which makes signing into accounts easier and safer without a password. To verify identity, Passkeys use FIDO2 credentials and cryptography.

At today’s Aspen Cyber Summit in New York City, Google unveiled the latest version of the Titan Security Key. The Google Store has it available. Titan security keys, which can store over 250 distinct passkeys, are now available. Google’s existing USB-A and USB-C Titan keys will be replaced by the new keys.

As part of the process of creating a passkey for your Google Account, you can set up a basic PIN code on the Titan Security Key. Your Google Account can be accessed safely by using this code instead of a password.

A firmware chip built by Google is used in the construction of Titan Security Keys to ensure the key’s integrity. By doing this, it is easier to verify that no physical tampering has occurred.

Unlike batteries or moving parts, these keys are impervious to water, dust, and damage, making them ideal for long-term use.

With a USB-C or USB-A connector, the new Titan Security Keys cost $35 or $30 in the Google Store. Both versions also support NFC for wireless phones and other mobile devices. Additionally, Google and its industry partners will give away 100,000 security keys worldwide in 2024 to high-risk individuals.