The Vivo X100 and X100 Pro are set to launch in China in November. Despite the lack of official teasers, a Vivo executive has offered an early peek at the Vivo X100 series.

Han Boxiao, Vivo China’s Product Manager, says a new Zeiss APO lens will make its debut soon, marking another milestone in the company’s history. It is obvious that he is talking about the Vivo X100 series, which will be launched in China in the third week of November.

According to Boxiao, the entire Vivo X100 series will be equipped with the new Vario-APO-Sonnar lens, which is designed for periscope telephoto photography. This will be accompanied by the company’s third-year advanced imaging algorithm.

Zeiss-certified APO (apochromatic) lenses are designed to correct chromatic aberrations. When light of different colors does not converge on the same plane, images are fringy or blurry due to chromatic aberration.

With APO lenses, all colors of light are brought to a single point of focus, ensuring sharp and accurate color reproduction. Color accuracy and image clarity are of the utmost importance in lenses used for high-quality and professional photography.