As Google advertised its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro earlier this month, the devices’ AI capabilities will soon be one-upped by Samsung.

The Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra are rumored to be the “smartest AI phones ever”, ahead of even the Pixels. With the S24 series, users will be able to create content and stories based on keywords, similar to ChatGPT and Google’s own Bard.

As part of the announcement of the Exynos 2400 chipset, which will power the S24 series in some markets, Samsung also announced some additional AI features, including text-to-image Generative AI. AI will also improve speech-to-text.

It claims Bixby (yes, Bixby) will have “more humanlike and smarter conversations” with you. It appears Bixby will become a much bigger thing as it incorporates AI and AI that in the future. In January, the S24 family is rumored to become official.

Samsung will bring the Galaxy S24, S24+, and 24 Ultra closer together in terms of display. Korean tech giant Samsung appears to be incorporating its new technology into all three models, not just the Ultra, as had been the norm in the past.

All three models will feature LTPO, M13 displays with 2,500 nits of peak brightness, according to X (formerly Twitter). Until now, only Ultra members could reach higher brightness with LTPO panels.

It will only differ in the display resolution and, of course, the size of the Galaxy S24. Variable refresh rate will now be available on non-Ultra models, but the 2,500 nits peak brightness likely refers to the panels’ ability to boost brightness when playing HDR content. Nevertheless, that’s an impressive value.

It makes a lot of sense to offer the best of what Samsung has to offer with the Galaxy S24 and S24+, which are still considered flagship phones.