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Samsung plans to offer longer security updates to its smartphones.

It looks like Samsung is considering going a step further when it comes to software updates. For its flagship smartphones, it currently offers 4 years of major updates and 5 years of security updates. Samsung may now consider extending support for security updates beyond the current 5-year period, according to a new report.

SamMobile interviewed Samsung’s Principal Engineer and Technical Program Manager of the Security Team for the Mobile eXperience division at the Samsung Developer Conference, and he revealed that the company is discussing ways to extend its long-term security support beyond five years.

The vision aligns with Samsung’s goal of supporting devices for longer, and it is also preparing to extend its current 5-year support period in light of new regulations.

SamMobile notes, however, that Samsung won’t offer major platform updates for more than five years. Currently, the company is only considering expanding its security update support. Even if your device doesn’t receive a major Android update, it will still receive security updates.

Even Samsung’s budget smartphones receive regular software updates, making it one of the few Android smartphone brands that offer them. Every month, the company manages updates for more than 1 billion devices.