In exchange for a monthly fee, Meta is now offering users in Europe more control over their data with no ad targeting on Facebook and Instagram.

EU, EEA, and Swiss Facebook and Instagram users can now enjoy ad-free experiences across the platforms for €9.99 per month for the web, and €12.99 for iOS and Android. Until March 1, 2024, these fees will cover all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts owned by one user. The ad-free experience on each additional linked account will cost €6 or €8 per month thereafter. Both platforms will offer an ad-supported experience.

According to Meta’s press release, it is committed to protecting its users’ information in compliance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Digital Markets Act (DMA). Due to the DMA’s implementation in May, Meta has been forced to comply with the regulation’s obligations and prohibitions by March 6, 2024 as a gatekeeper, which is a large digital platform providing core services in the social networks category. As part of the DMA’s ban list, the company is prohibited from combining data collected from two different services owned by the same company and tracking users outside of their platform.