At CES 2023, Intel introduces the 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family, powered by Intel’s performance hybrid architecture. There are 32 new mobile processors introduced on Jan. 3, 2023. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Earlier this month, Intel launched the Arc A580 discrete graphics card. Globally, the card is now available.

A580 offers 24 Xe cores and ray tracing units, as well as 1700MHz clock speed, though all currently announced cards feature overclocked 2000MHz clock speeds. Also included is 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit wide memory bus for 512GB/s of bandwidth. It has a total board power of 185W. In terms of specifications, the A580 is very similar to the A750.

It was first announced alongside the other Arc A-series graphics cards over a year ago. Three of the four cards were launched last year, but the A580 was never mentioned again. Intel likely waited until there was enough inventory of unused wafers from the 7-series before producing the A580 since it uses the same GPU as the A750 and A770.

With specs similar to the A750, you can expect a fairly similar performance. With XeSS, Intel’s AI-based image upscaling and reconstruction technology, the A580 is targeting a 1080p high settings experience.

ASRock, Gunnir, and Sparkle all offer the A580. The card will be available in all regions currently selling Intel Arc cards starting at $179.