During the Pixel 8 series launch event, Google introduced Assistant with Bard. There is now speculation that Samsung Galaxy S-series phones and Tensor-powered Pixel phones will be the first to receive this feature.

The Assistant with Bard feature is set to arrive on the Pixel 8 series soon. According to 9To5Google, Google is also planning to introduce Assistant with Bard to the Galaxy S24. According to the publication, the Google app beta version 14.41 indicates plans to integrate this feature with the Tensor-powered Pixel 6 and more recent devices, as well as the Galaxy S23.

AI-driven digital voice assistant will first appear on the Pixel 8, then on the Galaxy S24 early next year. Before the feature becomes more widely available, older Tensor-based Pixels and the Samsung Galaxy S23 series are expected to receive it next.

Assistant with Google Bard:

An advanced AI personal assistant is Google’s Assistant with Bard. Combined with the Assistant’s personalized support, Bard generates content and thinks logically. It can send users text, voice, or image messages, as well as perform tasks on their behalf.

According to Google, Assistant with Bard will be a more customized assistant connected to Google services like Gmail and Docs. Users will also be able to use it on Android and iOS mobile devices in the near future, according to Google.