According to DigiTimes, Apple’s foldable iPad is now in “intensive development” and may be announced as early as 2024.

DigiTimes reported that Apple is now working with suppliers on foldable ‌iPad‌ development, ahead of small-scale production scheduled for the end of 2024. If progress remains steady, Apple could announce the device in late 2024 or early 2025, according to the Taiwanese publication.

Since Apple started developing foldable products four years ago, it has continually made design changes, planning to release a foldable ‌iPad‌ before working on a foldable iPhone. Because the iPad represents a relatively small portion of Apple’s sales, potential issues are easier to manage.

According to reports, the design of the foldable iPad has not yet been finalized‌. To reduce costs, Apple’s procurement department is now said to be leading the project instead of its product design team. At this stage, Apple’s main objective is to achieve a more cost-effective design, motivating contentious changes.

The device’s panel and hinges are said to be a major problem, with Apple particularly concerned about display creasing. Samsung and LG are purportedly being sought to provide a display with mechanical design solutions to mitigate creasing. The device’s hinge seems to be in sufficient supply, but Apple still seeks a more cost-effective and mass-producible design, which may require further simplification and reduction in the number of parts.