Apple introduced its third-generation Apple Pencil today. The pencil is more affordable than the second-generation model. As compared to the previous model, this version has fewer features. While the new accessory is a great value, it is definitely not ideal for creative professionals who need to take notes, journal, etc. As a result, it sits between the original first-generation and second-generation offerings.

As with the previous Apple Pencils, the new model features a matte finish and a flat side that can be attached magnetically to the iPad side. The accessory lacks wireless charging and instead goes into sleep mode to preserve battery life. It measures 7.5 x 155mm and weighs 20.5 grams.

It offers pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity. On iPad Pro models, the hover feature is supported. Unlike the 2nd generation pencil, the latest version does not include pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing, and charging, or double-tap functionality.

Apple has added a USB-C charging port to the new Pencil through a sliding cap. iPads with USB-C ports can also use the accessory. Among these are the third- to sixth-generation iPad Pro 12.9, first- to fourth-generation iPad Pro 11, fourth- and fifth-generation iPad Air, tenth-generation iPad, and sixth-generation iPad Mini.

It costs $79 ($69 for education), €95, or Rs 7,900. Beginning in early November, it will be available for purchase.