In addition to smartphones, Samsung is expanding the Fan Edition series to earbuds. According to the Samsung Germany website, Samsung is launching new wireless earbuds – Galaxy Buds FE.

Several details of the design are revealed, as well as some of the tiniest specifications. According to the images, the new earbuds feature a better touchpad on the outer side, which is similar to the old wireless earbuds. Using it will surely improve operations. The earbuds have little wings that improve their in-ear holding ability. There are also two microphones on each earbud for better noise cancellation.

The manual document also shows a wear-detection sensor, silicon ear tips, and four microphones. There is a lot of similarity between the White charging case and the Buds2 charger case. The case includes a USB Type-C charging port and a charging indicator light. It is impossible to tell whether the glossy charging case will support wireless charging based on its appearance.

In comparison to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE contains two microphones instead of three. Additionally, the presence of more than one microphone suggests the presence of ANC.

On the whole, the Galaxy Buds FE seems to be a useful device with some interesting design changes.

The Galaxy Buds FE was originally expected to debut with the Samsung Galaxy S24. Samsung has already posted support pages with manuals online, indicating a much earlier release. In fact, the first support pages for the Galaxy S23 FE have been spotted recently.

It is expected that you will not have to pay the highest price, even if a price has not yet been announced. A price tag between €120 and €150 is our bet. Samsung will unveil and release the product, along with the price information.