OnePlus launched its first tablet, the OnePlus Pad, a couple of months ago. According to Android Authority, the OnePlus Pad Go is the company’s second tablet.

According to the report, tipster @1NormalUsername revealed that OnePlus is working on a tablet with model number OPD2304. OnePlus forums were informed of its existence by the tipster. It was quickly deleted, however. The presence of the same device in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) database also suggests its existence.

According to the above-shown BIS listing, the OP2305 model number belongs to the same tablet. There may be two variants of the device, OP2304 and OP2305, which could be for Wi-Fi or cellular models. BIS listing suggests the tablet could be released in India.

In July, China’s 3C certification approved an Oppo tablet with the model number OP2301. It is believed that this tablet is the Oppo Pad Air 2, which may debut with the Find N3 in China this month. OnePlus Pad Go could be the global version of the Pad Air 2, which may remain exclusive to China.

The OnePlus Pad Go’s specifications are not known at the moment. The moniker, however, indicates that it will be less powerful than the Dimensity 9000-powered OnePlus Pad.