Micromax IN Mobile

Several rumors circulated that Micromax was leaving the smartphone market since it hadn’t released a new smartphone in a while. These rumors, however, are untrue. A new smartphone is being explored by Micromax.

According to sources familiar with the development, “Micromax is still working on launching a new smartphone.”. Expect it to cost around Rs 15,000.”

There are no specific details about the smartphone, but we can confirm that it will be powered by Mediatek chipsets. For the past couple of months, Micromax has been in discussions with both Mediatek and Qualcomm about procuring chipsets for its new phone.

Qualcomm raised a red flag about Micromax’s past track record of late payments, which prevented the deal from going through.

Micromax originally planned to launch a phone in December, but since it hasn’t ordered the chipset, it might launch somewhere around February or March next year, according to our sources.

Due to the Chinese New Year celebration in January, the market is closed. It will be difficult to procure components due to this.