According to reports, Apple is working on its latest M3 processor for MacBooks and iMacs. According to TSMC, the new M3 chip will be built on a 3nm architecture. Apple may not launch M3-powered MacBooks this year, according to reports.

As an upgrade from Apple’s M2 processor, the M3 chip has been highly anticipated by Apple enthusiasts. Apple’s M3-based MacBooks may be delayed by the challenges of 3nm manufacturing.

Ming-Chi Kuo posted a tweet about Apple’s M3 processor on Twitter. Apple will not be launching any MacBooks powered by the M3 this year, according to him.

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple could release MacBooks with the new M3 processor as early as October 2023. Apple isn’t ready to mass produce the M3 chip yet, according to Kuo’s latest report.

TSMC has confirmed that the Apple M3 processor is manufactured on a 3nm architecture. In terms of yield, TSMC only produces 55% of 3nm processors from raw silicon. In regards to mass production, 3nm chips are challenging to manufacture.

Apple previously reserved the entire 3nm production lineup of TSMC for its processors. As a result, Apple may prioritize it for use in the iPhone 15 Series’ A17 Bionic chip. On September 12, Apple is scheduled to launch the iPhone 15.