The Oppo Find N3 Flip is rumored to be announced on Aug. 29 in China. It appears that the smartwatch will debut along with the N3 Flip since the company has already teased the Watch 4 Pro. New posters confirm the key specifications of the company’s upcoming flagship smartwatch in a new Weibo post.


According to the posters, the Oppo Watch 4 Pro will have dual chipsets, the Snapdragon W5 chip, and the BES 2700. As for the latter, it is primarily used in the low-power mode.

As opposed to typical smartwatches with black and white displays, the Watch 4 Pro features an LTPO always-on display. The Watch 4 has a full-color always-on display (AOD) instead of a black-and-white one.

Due to the inclusion of high-precision sensors, the Watch 4 Pro promises to track health data accurately. There are 8 channels for measuring heart rate, 16 channels for measuring blood oxygen, and an ECG sensor on the wrist.

With 85+ preinstalled apps, the Watch 4 Pro provides an experience similar to that of a smartphone. Moreover, the smartwatch has 2GB of operational memory, which enables 4.2GB/s data transfer. Among the improvements are a faster screen response time of 922ms, a faster launch speed of the heart rate application of 246ms, and a faster launch time for the sports application of 594ms to 207ms.

The Watch 4 Pro is expected to pack a battery of 570mAh, according to other reports. The frame will be made of stainless steel 316, and the base will be ceramic. Additionally, it is expected to support eSIM.