We’ve seen an increase in reports from consumers about permanent green lines on their AMOLED phones. According to our investigation, the green line display problem affects older AMOLED smartphones across a wide range of manufacturers, price points, and operating systems. OnePlus is now offering lifetime screen warranties on its own affected devices in India in response to the growing number of complaints. You might also be able to get a discount if you upgrade.

A OnePlus spokesperson told Android Authority it’ll offer a “lifetime screen warranty on all affected devices.” Currently, this policy is only for Indian customers.

Further, OnePlus clarified that the “lifetime screen warranty” applies to any OnePlus phone affected by the green line issue in India.

Upgrade discount:

OnePlus had been reached out to for a statement on its broader policy on the green line issue before confirming lifetime screen warranties. A Telegram user @docnok63 pointed out several announcements posted at OnePlus Exclusive Service Centers. If you’re affected by the green line issue, you’ll get an upgrade discount.

The company is offering OnePlus 8 Pro, 8T, 9, and 9R owners with a green line fault a discount voucher to upgrade.

According to OnePlus, these upgrade discounts are correct but only apply to India for now. Some stores still offer screen replacements, so they’re further affected by spare parts availability.

OnePlus India only sells replacement devices online (and not at other retailers). The company is also offering a further discount on the India-exclusive OnePlus 10R.