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Google will increase App launch time by 30% with new ART 14 update.

The Android Runtime (ART), which runs apps on the OS, has been updated by Google. As a result of ART’s recent developments, it can now be updated independently via Google Play system updates.

Android’s core, the Android Runtime (ART), responsible for running apps, has been overhauled by Google. Previously, updates were difficult due to unclear boundaries. In response, Google set distinct API limits, allowing ART updates to be made independently.

Due to extensive changes, automation helped create boundaries. Various Android versions were also adapted to support features like stack unwinding.

With Android 14, Google restructured the Package Manager-ART interface to enhance optimization. It introduced performance challenges, such as securing the compilation of Java libraries (Boot Classpath).

For faster boot times, newer devices utilize Isolated Compilation during idle times rather than secure compilation on reboot.

The numerous APIs and hardware variations of the ART APEX module made testing it challenging for Google. To ensure thorough API and code coverage, they used the ART-specific Mainline Test Suite (MTS).

Every day, 18 million APKs are compiled and tested across devices for compatibility, performance, and memory. Google gradually deploys the upcoming ART release once tests confirm compatibility with different settings.

Users benefit from faster performance improvements and security fixes when ART updates are decoupled from OS updates. Some devices were able to start up apps 30% faster thanks to ART 13’s optimizations.

Additionally, these updates make it easier to deploy fixes, benefiting both users and developers. With the rapid adoption of OpenJDK 11, ART 13 demonstrates Android’s rapid adoption of new OpenJDK releases.

OpenJDK 17 support will be included in ART 14 soon. Optimized compilers and runtimes improve performance and reduce code size in the update.