In October, Google launched its Pixel Watch powered by the Exynos 9110 SoC. There was a rumor a few months ago that the Pixel Watch 2 would ditch Exynos for the Snapdragon W5 Series chip. There was some uncertainty about whether that would be a W5 or W5+ Gen 1 SoC. The second-generation Pixel Watch will run on the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 according to Android Authority.

As a result of the new chip, the Google Pixel Watch 2 should have better battery life than the original Pixel Watch due to the larger battery (306 mAh vs. 294).

According to the publication, the Google Pixel Watch 2 will also have massive black bezels but will feature a Samsung-sourced 1.2″ circular OLED screen instead of BOE’s.

It will also support seamless updates and run Android 13-based Wear OS 4 out of the box, which would be a first for a smartwatch. It will also include ultra-wideband (UWB), which could enable precise device finding, car unlocking with Digital Car Key, and seamless media playback transfer to a docked Pixel Tablet or future Nest speaker powered by UWB.

The source also shared the retail animation for Google Pixel Watch 2’s demo units.

The Pixel Watch 2’s regulatory e-labels (G4TSL, GC3G8, GD2WG) now include an entry for the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which means that the Pixel Watch 2 could be launched in India this year. The availability of Google’s smartwatch in other countries remains to be seen.

During the coming weeks, Google Pixel Watch 2 details will likely surface.