With its unexpected organizational restructuring, Asus, a prominent name in the field of PCs and smartphones, has raised eyebrows. It is noteworthy that the company reduced its workforce across a number of departments despite promising there would be no job cuts. Due to this, there has been confusion and speculation regarding the company’s strategic motives, its impacts on employees, and its future. It is also stated in the report that the Taiwanese company has decided to discontinue its Zenfone smartphone line.

A letter issued by Asus to its employees in June announced an upcoming restructuring of the company’s organizational structure. The company reportedly reduced its workforce in the PC department in July, despite stating that there would be no job losses. Employees in Taiwan and Suzhou, China were affected by this. With this move, however, the company’s downsizing efforts have not ended.

A source with knowledge of the situation revealed that several units within the commercial department were informed that a significant reduction would occur, affecting teams such as engineering and procurement, resulting in a 50% reduction in manpower.

Asus had originally planned to transition the commercial computer team to the mobile phone product department. Even so, some employees who had recently been integrated into the mobile phone unit were still laid off.

Zenfone series killed off:

According to the company, affected employees would be placed internally in vacant positions. The report states, however, that HR is not actively pursuing this and expects employees to find suitable internal openings on their own. Insiders also revealed the reasons behind the layoffs of employees who were integrated into the mobile phone unit only to be laid off later.

ROG and Zenfone are Asus’ two series of mobile phones. Zenfone 10 is expected to be the last model in this series. In the future, the Zenfone team will either be integrated into other departments or directly merged with the ROG team.