There is not much time left to meet the iPhone 15 series. It is reported that the company will unveil its eagerly awaited new phone on September 12. We continue to learn more about the iPhone 15 as the reveal draws closer. Currently, the biggest model, the iPhone 15 Ultra (also called iPhone 15 Pro Max), is a topic of gossip.

A new generation iPhone 15 Pro Max model is expected to be called “Ultra”. Moreover, the phone is expected to undergo a significant design change. Several images have recently been released claiming to show the case of the iPhone 15 model’s flagship model, as well as information about its new ‘action button’.

Until now, all iPhone models had a switch-like button above the volume keys. This button could be used to mute phones and avoid unwanted situations. According to a leakster named Majin Bu, this button will be transformed into a new ‘action button’. It is possible to set this button to perform different tasks because it lacks a clear function.

Despite the fact that these cases are not originals, manufacturers produce them based on the iPhone models they receive. We now see three button locations on the left side of the cases, which is unusual. There are larger volume buttons at the bottom, but a slightly recessed action button appears at the top. The case continues to follow the design we’re used to.

It is expected that this programmable button will act as a shutter button since it is capable of performing multiple functions. It will be interesting to see what innovations Apple’s new ‘action button’ brings.