Several new Xiaomi products are on the way. According to the company’s President Lu Weibing, the MIX Fold 3 model will launch in August 2023. However, it appears that this device might not be released alone next month.

The company plans to launch other new products as well next month, according to a recent report. Redmi K60 Ultra and Xiaomi Pad 6 Max are also in question. Xiaomi is apparently planning to launch the new Xiaomi Pad 6 Max. Bluetooth SIG recently listed this upcoming tablet, hinting at its imminent release. There was even a record of the Pad 6 Max appearing on the 3C certification database previously.

The Redmi K60 Ultra is also expected to launch in August. According to the report, the MIX Fold 3 and Pad 6 Max will be launched separately in China, with the smartphone launching earlier than the MIX Fold 3. In addition, the official MIUI server already hosts the software for the MIX Fold 3 and Pad 6 Max.

In addition to Android 13, the MIX Fold 3 runs MIUI FOLD 14.1 out of the box. Meanwhile, the Pad 6 Max will have the codename Yudy, which is also based on Android 13. In addition, the launch timeline is consistent with our previous report that suggested a Q3 2023 launch.