Today has been quite a busy day for the Nothing hype machine. Carl Pei opened the floodgates this morning to allow anyone testing the Nothing Phone 2 under an NDA to post unedited camera samples.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, has posted a video clip showing off the Phone 2. The clip, which we’ve mirrored above, shows the phone from all sides. The new layout of The Glyph is even customizable according to Brownlee.

In many ways, the Phone 2 resembles the Phone 1. This year’s model has a slightly different color scheme, with black elements replaced with dark gray. It helps to make each component on the rear of the device more visible.

A new arrangement has been made for the Glyph – the lights on the back of the phone. This time around, there are more than twice as many LED zones, and the design itself is more symmetrical. Instead of having 12 LED zones, the Nothing Phone 2 has 33, giving you more control over each light.

Nothing shared a video demonstration last week to demonstrate this in more detail. By doing this, you can create unique notifications and see what’s happening with your phone at a glance. No matter where it is, you’ll know what notifications are awaiting you.

In the front, the selfie camera cutout moves from the left to the middle. There is symmetry in the bezels, and the glass is flat. It is impossible to tell the size of the display from MKBHD since it doesn’t provide any measurements. In MKBHD’s video, the Nothing Phone 2 appears a bit larger than the Phone 1, so we assume the display will be slightly larger as well.