This is the fourth Android 14 beta in a month, so it’s time for another. By the time the final release goes out to the public soon, all the developer APIs and all app-facing behaviors will no longer change. This build adds some more polish and fixes bugs.

As a matter of fact, Beta 4 seems to be the last one before the final release reaches all supported Pixel devices. According to last year’s experience, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it arrive in August if we go by what happened last year. Google’s timeline, which you can see below, strongly hints at this.

The final release hasn’t been officially announced by Google, probably so that if any major issues are found with Beta 4, it can quickly fix these and issue Beta 4.1. Time will tell.

You will receive Beta 4 over the air if your Pixel is already enrolled in Google’s Android Beta program. You can enroll your device if it isn’t already enrolled here. The update will receive the latest beta build as a software update within a few minutes or hours after enrolling.

With its build number UPB4.230623.005, Android 14 Beta 4 includes the July security patches and weighs approximately 200MB. According to the release notes, numerous bugs have been fixed and overall performance has been improved.

Bugs Fixed:

Developer-reported issues resolved include notifications and Quick Settings tiles not working until a device is restarted. When the screen was locked or the app was in the background, the VoIP apps stopped recording audio. When switching from always-on-display mode to the lock screen, the currently playing song does not display correctly.

It also fixes charging issues, Android System Intelligence crashes, CredentialManager registry errors, null pointer exceptions in the HealthConnect API, boot loops, unresponsive elements in the system UI during mode switches, and unresponsive Picture-in-Picture (PiP) windows when certain apps are used in PiP mode and the screen is locked.