Tablets from Xiaomi continue to offer great value for their price. The Xiaomi Pad 6, which was launched last week in India, features solid hardware and is priced very competitively. Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro was not available in India, unlike China. However, Xiaomi may soon release the device outside of China under a different name – Xiaomi Pad 6 Max. Bluetooth SIG recently spotted the slate on their website, hinting at an imminent launch.

Xiaomi’s Pad 6 Max is expected to join its global market portfolio in the near future. A Bluetooth SIG certification website revealed the model number 23078KB5BC for the device. The listing itself does not reveal anything interesting other than Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, but it suggests an imminent release.

According to Bluetooth SIG, the 23078KB5BC is a keyboard, but its model number and name indicate that it is a tablet. Due to the fact that there is no official confirmation yet, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Max will be released in the global market as the successor to Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4. The device is expected to be a rebranded Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro, which is already available in China.