At the upcoming Unpacked Event in July 2023, Samsung will unveil its latest Galaxy Watch 6 series. Among other exciting features, the new smartwatches will offer enhanced battery capacities.

There will be two models in the Galaxy Watch 6 series: the Galaxy Watch 6 40mm and the Galaxy Watch 6 44mm. There will also be a new variant called the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Compared to their predecessors, these devices will have larger batteries.

The Galaxy Watch 6 40mm will be equipped with a 300mAh battery, while the 44mm variant will have a 425mAh battery. Compared to the Galaxy Watch 5, the 44mm model had 410mAh and the 40mm model had 284mAh. There were even smaller capacities in the Galaxy Watch 4 series, with a capacity of 247 mAh for the 40mm model and 361 mAh for the 44mm model.

As with the 42mm variant of the Galaxy Watch 6, the Classic is expected to feature a 425 mAh battery. In comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic had a battery capacity of 361 mAh. Battery backup on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was substantial at 590mAh.

FCC certification has been received for the 40mm and 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 models with Wi-Fi only and LTE. They will support a 25W wired fast charge and 10W wireless charging.

It will feature Samsung’s Exynos W980 chipset, according to specs. Besides larger displays and curved frames, the smartwatches will have thinner bezels. Galaxy Watch 6 Classic’s thick rotating bezel was revealed in leaked renders.