The next-generation iOS 17 software for iPhones was announced by Apple at WWDC this month. Later this year, the upcoming software version will roll out new features. There have been some unannounced features surfacing online as the iOS 17 beta is available to developers. iPhones may soon receive another useful feature, according to MacRumors.

It is reported that Apple will add a new feature that allows users to reset their iPhone’s new passcode with the previous one within 72 hours of the change. When a user changes their phone’s passcode but forgets it, they still have 72 hours to change it back. However, it’s important to keep in mind that users must remember their old passcode before creating a new one.

In the new feature, users will be able to reset their passcodes if they enter an incorrect one. At the bottom of the screen, they will see an option to ‘Forgot Passcode’ that will take them to a new page called ‘Try Passcode Reset’. By tapping this option, users can enter their old passcode and create a new one.

iOS 17’s passcode reset feature seems to be a godsend. The feature will only work if users forget their new password in the first 72 hours after it is changed. It is also possible to disable the feature by tapping on ‘Expire Previous Password Now’ in the Face ID and Passcode settings.

When repeated attempts to unlock the iPhone fail, Apple disables the device. After the iPhone is placed in recovery mode, the lock is extended to a permanent lock. In recovery mode, devices are protected from being misused. Users can erase their iPhones and reinstall them.