For quite some time, Apple iPhone 15 rumors have surfaced on the internet. In September 2023, Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone models. Four premium devices are likely to be included in the lineup this year. As a baseline model, there will be the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. This year, Apple will also launch the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

The 15 Pro models are expected to receive some key design changes, including solid-state volume rockers and mute switches. A new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo refutes these leaks. According to the analyst, Apple will continue to offer physical buttons on its upcoming iPhones.

Taptic Engines were rumored to be featured on the iPhone 15 Pro models. Recent developments suggest otherwise, however. The iPhone 15 series could feature physical buttons later this year. The traditional mechanical buttons will remain on the 15 Pro models, which were tipped to feature solid-state buttons.

The analyst predicted that the upcoming Pro iPhones would go buttonless and have solid-state volume and power buttons in October 2022. According to the analyst’s latest Medium post, Apple is postponing its plans to introduce solid-state buttons this year due to unresolved technical issues before going into mass production. According to Kuo, both high-end iPhone 15 Pro models (Pro & Pro Max) will revert to the traditional physical button design due to unresolved technical issues before mass production.

As the devices are still in the EVT development stage, Apple has time to resolve these issues. According to Kuo, removing solid-state buttons from the Pro model will have a limited impact on mass production and shipments.